smartftp Connect failed. Error=0x80004005

Hi guys, so l am having troulbe connecting to an account on one of my servers.
I can connect to other accounts on the same server -- and l can connect to the account in question via FTP in my browser - say firefox.
However when l try to connect via SmartFTP l get the following error:
smartftp Connect failed. Error=0x80004005
I've followed the instructions here: ... f2649.html
as closely as possible, incluiding updating my install of SmartFTP to the lastest version.
However l am still unable to connect to this particular account. I know the FTP user/pass are correct. Is there any help or suggestions?

Please post the complete log from the remote browser.

Ooops figured it out... somehow the "type" in the favorite got set to WebDAV instead of FTP, whatever that is.
> please close this thread.