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Does anybody know what the subject xml string is? Here is the problem:
On my server where Smart FTP is installed - and now activated - I have multiple directories that contain files requiring FTP and moving to various remote sites and local servers. At 1700 hrs. I have a query that brings down two directories. One directory, let us call directory A, contains 11 files. The other, let us call Directory B, contains 3 files.
At 1800 hrs. I FTP the directory A 11 files to a remote site that is successful. I can verify this by checking the local and remote file sizes.
At 2100 hrs. I SFTP the directory B 3 files to a remote site and these transfer correctly as well.
The problem is when I open the Smart FTP program to check the transfer of files, the program for some reason is changing the content of the first file in directory A (called Table.csv) to the xml string in the subject box. I can see that the original size of the file starts at 351k, and will be reduced to 1k when it is rewritten. I have duplicated this many times by forcing a directory A download and then opening Smart FTP. The file content in directory A is changed and the file date/time reflects exactly when I open the Smart FTP program. This seems to be occurring with only the first file.
Any thoughts?

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