Folder Schedule/Synchronization issue

I'm trying to set up a folder to sync from my remote server to my local folder i created a schedule for it to recur every 15 mins so that when a new file gets added to the folder i will automatically download that file... the issue i'm having is that every 15 mins it keeps downloading that same files over and over... i also notice in my queue item section for properties it is stuck on overwrite and i cant seem to change it at all i tried changing my favorite setting and my default and nothing happen ... where I go from here ... 

menu: Help - File - Request Support

I don't have a license yet i'm trying to sort out the functionality of this application before I make my purchase because if it cannot do what i'm trying to accomplish then there is no point in purchasing the software.... i'm just trying to figure out why i'm unable to synchronize a folder to download to another folder on a schedule of 5 minutes without it downloading the same files over and over again in a loop... could you please assist me in figuring that out... i really am enjoying this applications but this is the most important aspect i'm trying to make sure works before purchasing a actual license.