most wanted ftp directory in context menu

there is a context menu entry of smartftp in the windows explorer, but this seems only start SFTP. So is it possible to show some preverd ftp directories to upload selected files without opening SFTP it self?
For example you select images local in the windows file explorer and click context menu and there will be shown an ftp target directory "FTP Images" -> now alle selected image files will uploaded there.
thanks for any hint.

You need to start SmartFTP first. Then the context menu will contain the folders of the remote browsers currently open.

Hello mb,
thank you for the that hint. Regrettably it is´nt what I´m looking for, there is only one directory possible.
I like to have several ftp folders which I can upload the files directly via context menu. So when I want upload something, in the background there will opened the appropriate server connection to push the file in the wanted folder.
May in a future release this will be possible? ;)