Keeps loading same file over and over

I've seen several others complain of this. Whatever their fix was didn't work with me (disabling integrity check). My previous SmartFTP edition worked fine and there have been no Internet connect changes on my side.
Too, I've tried copying and pasting the transfer log here, but that doesn't work in the normal way, so I'm going to simply type the remarks that start in red:
Possible file size discrepancy found. Please contact the server administrator for assistance.
File size mismatch.
Transfer failed.
Operation end.
Unknown error 0x80044404
Operation begin ....and it starts over
Please advise.

Please contact support: Menu - File - Help - Request Support and send the transfer log as an email attachment.

The problem was caused by the fact that server didn't return a valid size in the MLST and SIZE reply. The latest version includes a workaround to handle such situations better.