Favorites view settings

I want to configure remote browser view - set panels, columns, etc. When i do this at one server, another server have default view. How I can apply settings for all favorities?

You have to do it for each new favorite.

There is a new option available in the latest version. It can be found in the menu: File - Settings. Then in the Interface dialog.

Thank you, but how I must use it? I have connected to server, tuned view, opened settings, set option to global, restarted app and connected to another server, but view was default.

The columns of the view are per favorite regardless of the value of the new option. The new option only affects the layout (panes).

Maybe you can do such option for columns? :) Windows Explorer have such button for example.

May be a little off topic.. When I recently purchased a new version of FTP I had difficulty getting the remote browser applied.  I only use one and my local browser.  I had to call someone in to give me a hand to get the remote set back up.  All is well at this time and I am afraid to upload the new for this reason.  The first edition worked fine then this last time was the first time the remote browser did not upload intact. my side of the screen was perfect.  Hope this makes sense.