Add items to transfer queue takes hours to days

In SmartFTP v6.0.2007.0 when I add 10 directoreis to the trasnfer queue for upload it takes hours or even days before the upload starts.  In v4, these could be added in seconds.  It appears v6 is scanning these 10 directories and discovering the hundreds of thousands of files comprising about 5TB of transfer before the uploads will start.  Is there a way to quickly add items to the transfer queue in v6 and start the uploads?

By default conflicting folders are automatically merged. This setting can be controlled in the Windows File Explorer's Folder Options on Windows 8. The option is called [ ] Hide folder merge conflicts. This option is enabled by default. When it is enabled, folders are first enumerated before they are added the transfer queue. If you want to see the conflict dialog, disable this option. If you always want to use the automatic rules, go to the Favorite Properties in SmartFTP. Then go to the Transfer - File Exist dialog and set the option to Use automatic rules in the Remote browser group.
The latest version of SmartFTP must be installed: