How to reach the favorites comfortably

I have to admit that I'm very unhappy with the new ribbon interface which was introduced with version 6. In the previous version I reached a lot of commands via the menu bar. First of all I used the favorites menu to choose the desired connection. Now in version 6 there is a button at the ribbons to open the favorites window. Okay but when I choose the desired favorite there I have to close the window manually and that's very boring.
I found the solution with a docked and expanding favorites window but that takes too much place no matter where it is positioned.
I loved SmartFTP until version 6 was released. But this circumstance makes me very unhappy with it, so is there any way to choose the desired favorite similar to the old menu in version 5?

You can select it the same way as before:
menu: File - Connection ->

Tanks a lot! This possibility I have failed to notice.
Is it planned or possible to add a favorites button to the ribbons? So you could reach the connections via one click!

It can already reached with one click using the proposed way.