Scheduled upload does not work with wildcards

I have a weekly file upload that the file name changes week to week (i.e.; this week=Name12345.txt, - next week=Name87654.txt).  I have SmartFTP Version 6.0.2017.0 (Pro).
I've setup a scheduled transfer using SFTP over SOCKS according to the various SmartFTP tutorials.  I've set the "Favorites" file filter to use wildcards (again according to the SmartFTP tutorials.
The transfer starts, connects to the upload server, then no transfer happens.  Only when I add the actual file name to the "Transfer Queue Item Properties" (both Source and Destination) do I get transfer to work.
I need to have the transfer work automatically each week without my intervention.  That's the reason we purchased the software in the first place.  Any help is appreciated.

Sorry It took so long to get back.
Got the latest version of SmatFTP
Setup to transfer the folder, not the file, as shown in the tutorial.
Set the "Favorites" filters to:  System.FileExtension:=".txt"
Still the scheduler starts the task, but the Transfer Queue shows no progress in transferring.  The Queue only shows "Retry in <+two minutes from last try>".  I'm wondering if there is not transfer unless I use the full filename in the scheduler, is that I'm using SSH over SOCKS instead of a regular SSH transfer.  I'm unfamiliar with the SOCKS setup, however that seem to be the only other variable I can think of.
Any help would be great.