Confirmation message delete

When I delete a file, there is no confirmation message (Yes/No) before deletion, I don't like that since I sometimes press "Del" instead of "Home" by mistake, and the file will be deleted immediately.
How can enable confirmation message before deletion?

In Windows (e.g. on the desktop):
Right-click the Recycle Bin
Select Properties
Enable the [x] Display delete confirmation dialog option

Windows 8 "feature" - Confirmation is Off by default.
Microsoft's UI/User experience team, in their wisdom, decided that we, the users, never make a mistake and delete file(s) by accident. Teaching us to pay closer attention to how we use Windows 8, I'm guessing. :P
This "feature" can be turned off/on starting from Windows 95, XP and 7. Windows 8 has the option unchecked by default.
1. You can <i>bypass the Recycle Bin completely </i>(permanently)<i> when deleting a file/folder. </i>*Hold the Shift key, then press the Delete key or select Delete from the Context Menu. Poof! Your item(s) are gone after confirming.
2. Drag and dropping items to the Recycle Bin<i> </i>will not show the delete confirmation dialog
Similarly, holding the Shift key while dragging and dropping your item(s) to the Recycle Bin<i> </i> Does Not Display the permanent delete dialog, saving you an extra click as needed. (The Shift key works as a Move item from point A to Point wherever option btw).