v6 bld 2021: can't delete items

using windows 8.1, smartftp v6 bld 2021.
everything seems normal, except after i transfer files from my source to my local drive, I normally highlite the files on the source and either press the red 'x' on the menu bar, or now the ribbon, or simply right mouse button over the highlited files and select 'delete'.
none of those ways work.  I cannot delete any files off the remote device.
this works fine in V5.
wondering if I'm doing this incorrectly.

Does this happen with every server?

well, the 2 I use are my NAS (WD mycloud), and Amazon S3, and smartftp fails on both.

Did you try it on a different computer as well?

no, but i'm licensed on one other so i'll try that.

I'm licensed for 2 machines, both windows 8.1 pro , it fails on both.

Do you see the delete confirmation dialog?
Is the "Display delete confirmation dialog" option in the Recyle Bin Properties enabled?
If not, can you enable it and see if the confirmation dialog is displayed.

1) I installed 2024, just fyi.
2) I turned on recycle bin confirmation and i was able to delete in smartftp.
I don't use recycle bin notify, and this was not necessary under v5.  is there a way to return the functionality so that I don't have to have confirmation?
Not a big deal, but it's unnecessary in my workflow.
and thank you for the tip!

No it shouldn't be necessary, but with this information we can narrow down the problem.