Bugs in 6.0.2016

version 6.0.2016
1. Previous location is empty even visit several locations
2. Active files still doesn't highlight
3. Backspace button doesn't work =((((((
4. Promts doesn't work
Even I choise http://screencast.com/t/fAXR65QJZJ
The program still asks me about deleting the file
5. When I browse through the central panel, the navigation pane does not displays the folder tree. For example, I browse to the folder /modules/mod_related_items/tmpl (see screen)
and in the navigation pane displays the still /modules/, although the tree should expand, as it was in previous versions of SmartFTP.

Please install the latest version:
Did you manually enter the path/address into the address input box?
You may have noticed that the Windows File Explorer uses only one drop down button for the history. In SmartFTP there are dedicated buttons for back/forward. But we have now added the current location to the back/forward dropdown menu.
Confirmed and fixed.
This setting has now been removed from the prompts. SmartFTP uses the default Windows setting. You can change it in the properties of Recycle Bin in Windows.
The link is broken. But maybe you didn't enable the [x] Expand to current folder in the navigation pane control? Right-click on an empty space, then enable the expand option.

1. I just walk on ftp. In previous versions I saw here history of visited paths
2. I mean if I stay in some tab, lets it highlight in Active files, like http://screencast.com/t/KNvJePD9N
3. Thanks
4. Ok
5. It's ok, thanks

version 6.0.2017
6. Reload doesn't work
When I'm in a directory and click update, the list of files is not updated remain the same files. Until then, while not go to another folder and then return back.

What exactly has changed? New files? Size? Date? etc?

mb wrote: >6
What exactly has changed? New files? Size? Date? etc?
new files

We are not able to reproduce this problem.

We have changed it. The new build is available now.
Any chance you can provide more details (or file a proper bug report)?

Version 6.0.2020
1. Does anyone have any idea why stopped working?
2. Thanks
6. So, when I'm in a folder on FTP and I know that there dropped a file, I updated to F5, but do not see any change, ie prosihodit not even reboot the folder contents as previously.
And new bugs
7. When I choise Create (Создать in Russian) I don't see just a file and a I don't see txt file http://screencast.com/t/CQAV2QoAwxIx
And When I choise Create Dropbox folder the programm is shutting down

The behavior is now consistent with the one from the Windows File Explorer.
F5 is a key shortcut for Refresh and not for Reload. Use Reload from the context menu.
-> The Refresh command behaves now as before
text file: We don't see the problem here. The list of files you can create is provided to us by the shell (operating system).
Dropfolder: Fixed.

Hi, I miss the history too. It would be great to see it in the drop-down like in earlier versions.