Download v. 5.x

Version 6 does not appear to be stable. After several hiccups, now I cannot even launch without the app freezing. Its loading a previously opened connection. Not able to "contact" support since the app freezes on start. I would like to download and continue using version 5. The UI while dated was easier to use anyway.

That didn't help. The app freezes loading the most recent site that was open. Maybe if I can clear the settings of the last open site so it doesn't try to open on load?

That is exactly what deleting the registry settings does.

This time it worked. However, the bug came back immediately after I loaded. The only thing I can identify is that the local and remote site folders are synced and when navigating through the local site, SmartFTP freezes. It remains frozen in the same state even if I close the app and re-open, the same local/remote folders appear "open". I've filed a support/bug issue.