best way to change computers?

I am moving to a new computer. On the old box I have SmartFTP Home 5.0 (I think it is). On the new box I will be installing SmartFTP Professional. What is the best way to go about the transition?
I do not see any way to export the settings in my SmartFTP Home software. (I have checked the threads here, and none of the information has worked for me.) Shall I install the new software on the old computer so that it will inhale the many settings I have, then export those settings to an installation on the new computer?
Thanks! -- Dan

1. Install the latest version of SmartFTP from:
2. Activate it with your serial.
If you get:
- Maintenance expired => renew the maintenance
- License exhausted => click on the Get Help link in the activation dialog
Once SmartFTP is activated, contact support: menu: File - Help - Request Support or post your question the forum.