Complete and utter lack of support for licensed user, deletion of posts

I posted a question here about how to download software that I paid for licenses for, because 3 emails I sent to SmartFTP support addresses asking the same thing were ignored. All I got here was a canned response that amounted to a brush off since what it suggested didn't, and obviously wouldn't, work in the situation I described. Now my posts (those and all of my previous posts on this forum) appear to have been deleted. When I click My Content it says "There is no information to show.". What is up with the bullshit "support", and what happened to my posts?

Nope. Restore my previous thread that you deleted.

WOW, why did i give you guys my monies for this product (that i'm also having problems with) only to find out that your treating your customers like this and not giving your customers help?
You people need to restore the threads that you have deleted and act right, this is no way to treat people who give you monies for a product you make. shows that you guys have their top rate on the FTP programs and top support as well but this thread (and others that i've been reading) show me just the opposite...
I'm watching you closely and should you delete this and/or my thread, i have them coppied and will report you, this is just uncalled for you guys! >:(