Help please - file encryption and FTP upload/download

I want my webpage files (html and php) to be encrypted. I believe SMARTFTP is supposed to be able to do this but, I'm really struggling to get it set  up and working to do it.
I've tried to implement as per the SmartFTP tutorial on encryption but I can't get it to work and don't seem to get the same 'connect' menu/options as implied exist in the tutorial ( - the tutorial implies that a simple 'connect' option should come up on menu after creating a copy folder and renaming it as an encryption version.)
Can anyone advise - am I doing the right things:-
-trying to create the copy folder on my local computer?
- trying to connect to that through SmartFTP?
- with the ambition to then transfer (upload) encrypted files to form my website webpages (on hosted website server)?
- should connection be in FTP or FTPS mode? (But I've tried both, neither seem to work for me).
Are there common problems with this or am I just being dumb.