file exist

I have been trying to transfer a large file (16gb) and it seems when it is about to finish or it does finisn it starts over and overwrites. I talked to my server and they told me to try a diffrent host. so they gave me the host name and i logged on which it had all my files. but when i drag and dropped the file i got a popup with a file exist warning. it gave me the choice of overwrite, copy or use rules. i selected use rules. now the file had already had uploaded around 2gb but when i selected use rules it still started over and is overwriting the file. now i forgot to set the rules under the new host but it says for existing files to use default. not sure what the default setting is. but it had only uploaded 300mb so far so i stopped it and started it to see if it will overwrite but it didnt. so my question is if this host will work will i have to overwrite al my files or is there something i can do for it to resume.