Connection was aborted by software

I have a file that didnt complet. It was a large file but was wondering what this error was.
Here is what it read in the log.
[12:27:40] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[12:27:40] Unable to obtain properties of file "/G Movies/MOVIES/Movies (original)/The Avengers-2012-1080p.mkv". Error=0x80043112
[12:27:40] Transfer failed.
[12:27:40] Operation End
If someone can tell me what this error is and maybe how to resolve it i would appreciate it

You can ignore the error. SmartFTP automatically resumes the transfer.

no, it didnt. It started the transfer over again.

It would be the best to contact support for further assistance: menu: Help->Request Support

i can't , im just evaluating this to see if i want it, but if it wont work i guess i wont buy it and need to go elsewhere