ftp to smart ftp

Hi ,
We are currently using FTP , we are changing to smart FTP .
Can you please let me know what are the steps to be followed for the same .
There is a command in one of the batch files,
ftp -s: file.txt >> a.log 
Can you let me know
1) If i can use Smart ftp same as ftp in command line ,
2) how can i provide the above command in smart FTP ?
Please suggest . Thanks!

You can automate the transfers using the transfer queue and the scheduler. Take a look at the schedule tutorial at:
Schedule a Transfer of a Folder

Hi Mb , That was really informative .. thanks a lot :)
I have few queries , hope you would be able to sort it out for me ..
1) I want to schedule 4 times a day and the the time gap is nopt constatnt like i have to do for these timings 2 am , 5am , 1PM , 4PM . how we do that ?
2) I want like a log which holds the details of what happens in that batch , like which files are copied from server to local , how many files  , time at which it happened etc.,
3) How will smart FTP work on Scheduler ? will it be running in background (probably) but just wanna check what if it isnt opened , will it automatically activated at the scheduled time ?
Thanks and regards ,

Yes this is all possible with SmartFTP. Please open an extended support ticket (menu: Help->Request Support) if you need assistance on how to set it up.