Wildcards in Scheduling Possible?

Hey Guys - 
Love SmartFTP, but use it to download many different things which I must manually sort once complete.  I tried setting up Schedules to download them, but each of the files has a different suffix yet still goes to the same local folder.
My question is:  Is it possible to create a Schedule which adds files to the queue using wildcards?
Below are some examples of what I'm trying to create.  If it is possible, please tell me how to change what I'm doing so it will work...
Example Files & Folders
Local Folder
<i>E:\Linux Mint\October\</i>
Example Schedule I tried to set up:
- Copy
- Source: Remote
   - ftp.myserver.com
   - /Complete/Linux*/*.iso
Destination: Local
   - E:\Linux Mint\October\
When the Schedule triggered, it added "*.iso" to the end of my queue - not any of the filenames in any of the folders.  When I tried to start it to see what would happen, it just skipped it.  
Any ideas as to how to accomplish this?  Thanks!