Download Log Files on a Schedule

I have a couple of hosting accounts - one company zips the logs once a month.
Can I set up SmartFTP Premium to download the logs each month (as needed) and to the correct local folder?  I\
I sometimes forget to download them and after three months, the ZIP files get deleted so I would like a way to have this scheduled.
I played with it just a little, setting up a connection but I did not get into too much detail with it.
Thank you!

Thank you - I apologize about the double post.  I have so many things going on.  All of a sudden, people want a merchant accoumt and since we added partnering,that has been going. And I have been interviewing sales people (and making sure they are not going to push people). And I have been interviewing web development firms for a partnership, while also trying to create a mini-social media website that we live in.
And then I have to go one more time for my knee - I messed it up right at the beginning of ski season, had a partial. it got infected so they removed it and I have to keep it straight from about Thanksgiving to March. He was going to do a complete, but I have a rod / pin in femur where I broke my leg and it is just a bit too far down so they need to remove it.   
So if this does not work out, I get to go bachave them take that out and put in a full knee replacement.
I also test products for companies and getting them data has taken up more time - Dell, Samsung Galaxy S4 / Verizon, Samsung Galaxy Tab2, a Samsung XE700T1C-A02US (don't get it).  Adobe, TechSmith,  Raxco, Roku, Logitech, Netflix, Vudu, RedBoxInstant, Microsoft, Nod32, vaccums (since I have two Akitas), Acronis, etc.  CuteFTP offered me their software again but the last time I used it, I did not like it. I write reviews / critiques on my blogs and invite the companies to respond.
About 12 yrs ago, I used F5 - it was a fantastic program.
Do if you need someone to help you test, keep me in mind.  I have a Windows 7 32 bit PC, a Windows 8 64bit PC (they are wanting me to put 8.1 on it), and the Windows 8 64bit with an SSD.