Remote Edit No Longer Opening Sublime Text 2

Hey everyone,
I had sublime text 2 installed and working with SmartFTP's "remote edit" feature perfectly. I decided to try the beta of version 3 and linked that for remote editing instead. Long story short, I wasn't happy with the beta of version 3 and wanted to revert back to version 2. I set up the appication to open for remote editing my web development files (.html, .php, etc.) as Sublime text 2, after uninstalling and deleting all the appdata for version 3. Now if I try to open any file with Sublime, it will sit and load like normal, then nothing happens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled SmartFTP multiple times, even deleting all of the Appdata and registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_USER. I can easily open files with any other editor, including notepad without issues, but it will not open anything with sublime text 2.
Here is something weird as well. I reinstalled sublime text 3 and set the file association to open that, and it works perfectly. It seems like there's something in smartFTP hellbent on not opening any files with sublime unless it is the version 3 I previously configured.
If any help can be provided, I would greatly appreciate it.

I got this issue resolved. For anybody running into this issue, go to the remote edit settings and in the additional parameters under sublime, insert "%1" without quotes and it should fire up fine.