couple questions newbie

Couple questions for a newbie - me!
1) get a parameter is incorrect upon startup. Hit Ok and it seems to be normal
2) I can't seem to find how to set rules for what files will be assumed the same and what SFTP considers a changed file?
3) I'm trying to backup my entire website. I can't seem to just select the root to download the whole site to a folder on my local. It wants me to select all directories. Would be easier to just select the root. Am i missing something?

>1 ... f2625.html
It's done automatically. There is no need to change them for SFTP.
You need to select all items in the root folder. The root folder itself cannot be transferred since it has no name.

OK on all. Except on #2 isn't there a way to tell SFTP to look at time, date, size or no? I thought I saw that somewhere. Thanks!

The best choice is made based on all information available, the server version, the server product, the protocol and other factors. You can manually control the behavior in the File Exist Rules (Transfer dialog) but is not recommended.