Odd folder behavior

SmartFTP 4.0.1248.0
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
I have this very annoying anomaly regarding interaction between SmartFTP and Windows 7 folders. To my Start Menu I have pinned a shortcut to a folder I use regularly. I open that folder from the Start Menu, drill down to a subfolder (by double-clicking through a couple layers of subfolders in the right pane), open an FTP folder in SmartFTP, and drag a file from SmartFTP to the open subfolder. The file does not go into the subfolder, but into the parent folder that was pinned to the Start Menu. If I instead open Windows Explorer and browse to that some subfolder, the file dragged from SmartFTP goes into the subfolder, not the parent.
I thought this was a Windows folder behavior issue but have tested this within Windows 7 itself by copying from my desktop to the subfolder--and the file correctly goes to the subfolder, regardless of how I open the folder structure.
So I conclude it is as though SmartFTP is somehow unaware that I have browsed beyond the folder opened by my shortcut.

I think you will download the latest version can be used for your computer