Download Reverts to Pre-Transfer & Restarts

As the title says, while changing the "Multi-Part Transfer" to 6 parts, my downloads restart every 2 seconds. Once reverting to default parts then this problem does not persist. This did not happen in earlier versions though.
Windows 7 64-bit
SmartFTP 4.1.1316.0

- Provide the complete logs
- Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce the problem. E.g. with a public FTP server

Change multi-part transfer to 6.
Download file larger than 5gb.
That's pretty much all I can really say, as that is all I'm doing.

The latest update resolved this problem. Thank you. :)

Hello, this problem seems to have sparked up again in the latest build. While downloading a file of 16gb with multi-part enabled to 6, it restarts 5 seconds into the download. I will pm you the log file.

Please also send a test login to reproduce the problem.