Failed Installation on Windows 8

I've tried multiple times to install the latest version on a Windows 8 machine. Each time it gets to finalizing the installation and the does a rollback and doesn't install. I've read through every entry I can find and cleaned out the registry, deleted files, did windows install cleanup, and always get the same result. Of course, the ONLY way to reach the people to whom I've paid money to for this piece of crap is by installing the software WHICH I CAN'T DO!
Pissed beyond belief...

Please contact technical support by email (support@).

Try running Microsoft FixIt, one of my friends had the same problem days ago with Java installer and after some research to try figure out why it rolled back, found a suggestion to try Microsoft FixIt... that solved it. :-)
Basically you download FixIt then tell him you have an installation problem, he will check to find out which programs might have this problem and you choose from the list then he will fix the problem. Worked perfect, install run without any problems after that.