Help Scheduling Auto Download

Good Morning -

I'm trying out SmartFTP and like it. I hope to buy it for my company if I can figure this one last task out. I've tried setting up a task and am having issues doing so. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a remote FTP directory which has files & folders added to a folder in it's root randomly throughout the day. The data usually 2-3gb each time it's added. I also have a local folder (D:\Complete) which all items in the remote folder must be copied to.

I'm trying to set up a schedule to where the remote folder is monitored if possible and files/folders are downloaded & deleted from the remote folder as soon as they appear. If this isn't possible, then scheduling the task to run on a frequent schedule would be fine, too.

I created a schedule and tried a few different things, but can't get it to work correctly. Here are the issues I'm having...
- I tried setting the action up as a monitor, but found I can only monitor a local folder
- I set up a schedule for every 15 minutes and set the action to "Move" If downloading a large group of files which takes over 15 minutes to download, though, it keeps adding them to the queue every 15 minutes

Extra Credit
I have heard that FTP transfers can also sometimes be throttled by ISP. Is there a way to do the above with a different protocol (like HTTP) also/instead?

Any Ideas? Thanks!