Monitor folder & Sublime Text 2

Hello, long time Smart FTP user having some issues here.
I've recently switched to Sublime Text 2 as my preferred text editor. I'm very pleased with the way it works, but there's an issue when using Smart FTP's folder monitor functionality in conjunction with Sublime Text 2.
I have set up a folder to automatically upload (sync) to the remote FTP server once a child folder or file has been added or modified from within that folder. Everything works fine when using notepad to edit a file or photoshop to save an image within that folder, the upload get's triggered as you would expect. However when I edit a file (PHP, CSS, JS, TXT, anything) using Sublime Text and save it, Smart FTP for some reason does not detect the save and therefor does not trigger the upload. I would assume Smart FTP monitors the "date modified" flag within a file, which Sublime Text DOES update, to determine if it should upload or not, but it won't work. :-(
So I'm not sure if this is really an issue with Smart FTP or with Sublime Text. I would assume every "save", no matter which program, is the same, but apparently not...

Windows 8 x64 (same behaviour on Win7)
Smart FTP v4.1.1282.0

Please help.

BTW, when i manually run the task (via right click > run task) it does detect which files have been updated and adds these files to the upload queue. So it seems to be solely a problem with the monitoring not working...