Cannot activate

Just installed Windows 7 on a new PC and dowloaded latest (paid) version of SmartFTP I have my license code sent by email but cannot find the means to activate it. I am no newcomer to this software or to computers. This is soooooooooo annoying Please help...............

You can activate SmartFTP with the serial that has been sent to you.

Please contact support for further assistance.

Received an email; thanks; instructed to validate with key; I used the link provided; answer: could not respond because I am probably already validated. But when I enter the application I see that the days are ticking and I am not validated. Are you guys commedians or what?

Click on the Activate... button. Enter the serial. Click OK.

P.S. Yes we run a circus here.

Finally resolved by re-downloading the application and when loading, guess what? Wow, an activation button. It took me about 2 minutes. Pity that it took hours of frustration first. You guys should sometimes use your stuff from here; you might be surprised how tricky it can be.

ok, now I can use the best application on the market. Next time I may choose a free app that needs no verification or money!

Sorry if I came across strong; you run the best circus in town

Thank you :-)