Crash in Windows 8 Evaluation Build


I am considering to switch to windows 8 when it is going to be officially released, so currently I am testing with the evaluation copy of it. (64bit)
When I install smartftp and try to open a local file browser smartftp crashes. It also crashes on startup, when I imported my settings and favorites, but I guess this is the same problem with the local browser.

When starting smartftp in windows 7 compatibility mode, it runs, but the local file browser seems a bit slow.

Isn't smartftp supporting windows 8 yet? Or do I have to do something special to make smartftp run smoothly in windows 8?

Best regards.

Hello mb,

I have got the latest SmartFTP version installed (4.1.1267.0)
Using the backup tool I reseted SmartFTP and afterwards I cleaned the registry. But when I start it (not in compatibility mode) and then click onto "Open a Local Browser" SmartFTP keeps crashing.

Use the RTM version of Windows 8 and not the Release Preview.