Editing remote file uses cached version NOT server

When I right click edit on a remote file, it opens that file in the SmartFTP editor window.

The problem is, the version that is loading into the editor is NOT the server side version. I presume some form of caching is causing havoc here. This is really bad, a colleague edited a file on the server, then I edited it again and completely overwrote all his changes with my cached copy. Very bad!

Could this please be looked into? Why is it being cached? It should be downloading a fresh copy EVERY time I right click edit on the file.

I just updated to the latest version and it's still happening. Windows 7 x64.

Sorry about posting this in the wrong section. Just seen bug reports and posted away without realising it was for the Library.

In the menu: Tools->Settings, in the General - Remote Edit page there is an option [x] Always overwrite local file. Enable it and try it again.

Thanks mb! Will enable that and see how I go.

Is there any reason why this isn't on by default? Considering the disastrous effects it can have.