Uploads and downloads are way too slow

I have 75/35 Mbps fios and my transfers take forever. It takes hours for 24 mb in either direction. What are the default settings for speed? And can the speed be set too high?

SmartFTP transfers the files as fast as possible. Ensure that you did not set any speed limits in SmartFTP:
1. menu: Tools->Settings. Then in the Queue dialog ensure that the KBps/Worker setting is set to 0 (unlimited)
2. In the Favorite properties, Transfer->Speed Limits, Use the Default Settings

This is how mine is set. Yet it takes hours for something that I could normally upload or download in seconds. I really need to do something about this issue. Hours is way too long!

The problem might be somewhere else. E.g. server, network setup etc.

Cpanel file manager is super fast. But is that secure to use?

That is something you need to ask your web hosting provider.

"Not our problem...."