Local Browser files get locked while selected.

Have been using smartftp for years without any problems but recently, presumably after tinkering with the settings I am now forced to deselect files in the local browser after transfer.

If I don't do this then I am unable to save changes to the same file made in .net visual studio.

This problem only seems to effect .aspx and .css files (but there may be others). Whereas a .vb file will allow me to edit and save while it is still selected in smart ftp.

Prior to this problem I was able to transfer the file and then edit and save the file in VS again without having to deselect it in smartftp.

I know it sounds trivial but it bugs the hell out of me as vs always throws up a file save dialog box when I forget to deselect it.

I remember previously the local browser tended to refresh after a transfer was performed whereas it does not seem to do this now. Maybe this is a clue to the nature of the problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.