Issue with transferred files


im just testing the SmartFTP Client. I stumbled upon a weird problem:

- a) if i upload a file with SmartFTP, the websites data is not updated.

- if i i upload a file via the Windows Explorer, the website data is updated immediately.

Browser Caches are disabled, websites (serverside) cache too. Whats wrong with Smart FTP?
I guess Smart FTP doesnt tell the server the data was changed or somewhat like that? I have no idea and knowledge about things like that, but wondering what causes this.

Can someone help me out here, with this issue im unable to use Smart FTP.


Check the transfer log: Double click the file in the transfer queue.

Does it work if you delete the file on the server first before you replace it?

The file is transferred completely. And it also doesnt work if the file is previously deleted. I can check the files content online and they are updated. Thus the website in the browser on any machine doesnt update. (caches are emptied/disabled)

The files are used in a framework. Theyre actually templates and stuff. The websoftware compiles the templates in an own file. But even if this file is deleted, and newly generated, local & server caches deleted, the website doesnt update.
I have to switch the templates used by the framework, and back to make the website update its content.

-> nevertheless all of this isnt necessary if i upload via Windows Explorer.

Is there a Header being sent with an FTP file transfer which tells the server to update the data? Or just something like that? I dont get that at all. It must be something so simple.

Maybe you are uploading the file to the wrong folder on the server.

I recommend that you purchase a license and then contact technical support. They will be able to assist you and help you to resolve the problem.

no they are not uploaded to the wrong folder.

I wont buy a license since this problem exists.. i cant use Smart FTP like that.

Still thank you for your efforts.

I can assure you that the problem is not with SmartFTP.