Transfer queue

How to automatically clear the transfer queue. There is a job that runs every 5minutes (downloading orders from website). How do we clear the transfer queue of the previous day.?

Any help is appreciated.


What exactly do you mean? By default finished transfers are automatically removed from the transfer queue.

what I mean is that, the transfer queue tab shows status" waiting for children to finish. Retry at, say 11.30 am. (every minute or so).." How do I rectify it. This is the down load of web orders every 5 minutes...

It is waiting for the retry because the transfer failed.

Transfer was succesful. This is what the ftp is used for: We have a 2GB file upload a 2am in the morning, this went fine as we checked the info. Then we have a copy of the files to a folder - backup. once that is done, we have move of the same files to another network drive, that was successful too. There is a delet of the files in shared drive, that works too.

So, after the files are moved from the remote location (orders), the log says successfully, then there is another queue item that is set to for delete. I have no idea as to where this is coming from as the source and destinations are identical to move. We don't delete any files from the source.Just move. The move status says"waiting for the children to finish" the lolog say, operation was completed successfully. Then immediately after that there is an Delete operation, which is not scheduled anywhere, status says retry at every minute.

Also if this stays as is will it effect the upload and download?

The version we have is 4.00.1240.0..

another question there is synchronization option of Move, which we are using to download order files, and there is another one there that is move with delete. What does the move with delete option do? does it dowloads the file and deletes the file from the remote? should i be using the move with delete option?

What is the version number? As the one on the link is for 64bit. We are using 32 bit. Would appreciate the newer version number for 32 bits.

did the upgrade, however the waiting for the child message is still appearing.