Rename a scheduled file with date tag

I'm trying to create a historical repository for file I download daily from a server that posts a file, which is different every day but has the same name. I already created a schedule to get the file off the server, every day at 8am.

My problem is that in order to not replace the file downloaded from the previous day, I need to rename it, so every file that downloads daily gets the date (or sequential number) apprehended to the file name, like so...

from > SFTP/dir/file.txt

to > C://dir/file_7/13/2012.txt

Or any alternative to this that gets the job done.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advanced!


Wow! Very nice. I'm a little overwhelmed by it, though.

I don't understand where I should change the path for the destination:

- in the script itself? which line(s)?

- as an argument in: Item in transfer queue > Properties > Actions > Queue Item Properties > Script > Arguments

- or both??

Is there a step by step available?

Thanks again!

Thanks for the reply, again.

The thing is that I'm currently evaluating the program to see if it meets my companies needs before purchasing. But, support is not available without a license. I'd like to see it work before making the purchase.

Anything we can do?

Unfortunately pre-sales support does not cover advanced topics as scripting/automation.

Ok. Not a problem. I figured it out... I'll finish my evaluation and make a decision. Thanks for the prompt answers!