Recover SmartFTP Settings from hard drive

I hope this isnt a duplicate thread. If so please delete it (after you direct me to the info I need please)

So my hard drive decided to mutiny on me and I'm having it replaced ASAP. I can still access all of my old files and extract whatever I need (I just cant run any apps).
My question is: where can I extract my SmartFTP application settings (favorites, connection settings, etc.)? I manage a bunch of sites and have all the information I need saved in a litany of Excel sheets, but I'd LOVE to simply be able to take my current settings when I reinstall SmartFTP on my new harddrive.

So where is this info located typically? What files should I look for? Are their any hiccups or hurdles I should prepare for?

Thanks in advance!

They are stored in xml files at: %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites

You can simply copy the folder from one user account to the other.

Thanks! Super easy.
Appreciate the fast reply.