Creating scheduled move and cannot stop root folder removal


i'm trying to create a schedule. this runs nightly, and copies a folder hierarchy to a remove location. overwrite rules, merging folder etc all works, the issue is that when the move job completes, it deletes the origin folder. as this folder is written to at any time, and scripts writing to the local folder cannot create the older - the root folder must remain.
i have tried creating a filter - this didn't work
i cannot change the keep folder property as it is disabled (found in scheduler - properties - advanced tab - keep folder "No (Default)" and i'm not sure if this would help me anyway

i have a pro account and we've been trying to migrate our operations away from turboftp for quite some time. we are a large video production company and need to use FTP to syncronise with our live filestore, so having unbuggy clean (and quick parallel) transfers is essential.
any help greatly appreciated!


my licence has lapsed. I will renew it if i know that my solution will work...

chicken and egg situation