File Transfer Peformance Problem

Hi Support,

Using SmartFTP ( newest version ) Prof 64bit running on MS Server 2008 R2 ( FTPS connection to FTP server )

I have 9000+ files ( 2kb each ) on the FTP server,
I select all of them and selects download,
I have the transfer queue set to 5 workers

after 45min, 1500 files have been downloaded - giving me an estimated download time of 4,5 hours

How can I increase this download ?

This is at goverment system where I at daily basis will have to Up-/Download between 5.000 and 10.000 files maybe more some days.

These files have transaction content, and each file has to be processed by backend systems on both sides, therefore 4,5 hours for downloading 9000 small files is a big problem.

Henrik Holm

Increase the number of workers.