log in problem

Support Webpage: smartftp.com/support

Article 2653 reads;

How To request technical support
  • Install the latest version of SmartFTP
  • Go to the menu: Help - Request Support

Where do I find Help - Request Support link? Al Barrs e-mail albarrs@wfeca.net

All that I see at https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/2653 is the following;
ยท Support
Where is the Help - Request Support link so I can get help?

I have a problem logging into my SmartFTP Client Program ever since I paid for it!

I need SmartFTP Client e-mail address so that I can send screen saves showing my log in problem.

I have contacted my ISP Webmaster and the FTP Webpage that I am attempting to log into is working using my Mozilla Firefox browser, Windows XP Home Edition, but my log in Username and Password does not work in in my SmartFTP Client.

Al Barrs