can not activate smartftp with my serial


I bought SmartFTP but when i try to activate it I have this message :

An error occurred during activation. Error: 0x80072ee2

Unblock SmartFTP in your software firewall. Alternatively use Offline Activation.

my firewall is off, and i don't understand how to activate it offline

The error only comes if something is blocking SmartFTP from connecting to the server. Ensure that SmartFTP is not blocked in any way (software firewall, antivirus product, other applications you have installed).

i think smartftp can't active himself because we have a proxy but i don't find where i can fill the proxy address

The proxy configuration is automatic. If it doesn't work for you use the offline activation. If you run into any problems please contact our sales department.

ok thanks for your answers i will use the offline activation