[Scheduled Task] - Not properly creating sub-folders when tyring to upload files to destination


Our current setup is the following :

1) Scheduler task with two triggers : Monitor a folder (i.e. D:\images) + Instantiation
2) Actions are : Queue Item

Queue Item action is defined as follow :
- Add item to : Tail
- "Use cached local folder tree" = enabled
- "Gaurantee serialized execution" = disabled
- Transfer queue properties
-- Synchronization = one way
-- Operation = Copy
-- Source = Local
-- Destination = Remote

Advanced :
-- Transfer type = auto
-- Keep folder = Yes (Recursive)

Here is what is going on in my case :

1) I create a folder in D:\images\testupload + copy a file in there
2) SmartFTP detects it and add it to the "Transfer queue"
ERROR : SmartFTP try to change to the "testupload" folder at destination (FTP Server) but this folder doesn't exist and I am expecting SmartFTP to sync the content and therefore create the folder first but it doesn't seems like it.

Any idea?


Here is some more information that could be useful :

- Using SmartFTP 4.0.1237 (updated to latest version today)
- Re-created the schedule task by pausing the queue and drag-n-drop the folder from local to remote + scheduling the task (same issue...)
- The user that connects to the remote FTP server can create sub-folder just fine on the FTP server when doing "new folder" in the remote browser view inside SmartFTP


Sorry about that... turns out, it wasn't creating folder due to "Filter". I added an include regEx of * on folder(name) and it started to work fine.