Change FTP settings on a multiuser platform

Hello Everyone,

I have 35 Citrix Servers running SmartFTP with a bunch of users. The 35 Servers are countries and they all connect to a default FTP we have setup per country/server.
Now we change this FTP-Servers IP Address & Port and I would need to manipulate, 35 Servers, remove all users + overright the default user.
I can't find any settings in a file where SmartFTP is located at. I can't find any settings in the registry either. So my only guess is that it's somewhere in the .dll files. Has anyone ever experienced something similar and has automated this? That would save me a day or 2 work and downtime.

Thanks, lema

Hello Lema ..

The FTP username/password and host are stored in a xml file (favorite).So you can simply modify the xml file and then deploy it to all installations (%appdata%SmartFTPClient 2.0Favorites{favorite}.xml)