Problem with remote path in recent builds when using Windows 7 Jump List


This problem only cropped up recently in the past few builds. A few of my sites have remote paths for switching to a folder on connection. If I connect to the sites using the Favorites menu, the folder is changed to successfully. However, if I use the Jump List on the Windows 7 task bar (right click on the pinned icon, pick one of the sites from History), then the initial folder is no longer changed to, I just go to the root. It did function correctly until a couple months ago (until about build 4.0.1225). I am now using the latest build (4.0.1233).

You can easily replicate this, simply enter a Path for the Favorite, then try to connect to it via the Jump List.

Confirmed. It will be corrected in the next build.

Thanks it is working now in 1234.