Only transfer files scheduled, not a whole directory


I am testing out SmartFTP for our business. But I am a bit stuck. I saw and read the tutorials and knowledge base, but still I don't know the answer how to schedule the following thing: only transfer files, not a directory.
I know how to transfer and schedule a whole directory, but I only want the contents of that directory to be copied/moved. Below I will try to tell what the case is and why.

Each night on a remote server two files will be automaticly created at a certain time, 3:00am. The filenames are build with the following setup: companyname (abc) + kind of file (x or y) + day of the week (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7). So,
on monday, two files named: abcx1 and abcy1
on tuesday, two files named: abcx2 and abcy2
on wednesday, two files named: abcx3 and abcy3
on thursday, two files named: abcx4 and abcy4
on friday, two files named: abcx5 and abcy5
on saturday, two files named: abcx6 and abcy6
on sunday, two files named: abcx7 and abcy7
Then on monday everything is starting over again. So each day has its own two files.

The following steps must be done:
1. Each day the two files must be transfered to a local server (which is running SmartFTP) e.g. 4:00am (this can be done by a scheduled transfer of a whole directory).
2. The successfull transfered files must then be delete (so I guess I should use "Move" instead of "Copy") on the remote site.
3. The two files that are now locally on our server, and only the files, must be transfered to another remote server into a directory called "inbox", to be futher processed. Very important: I can only put the two files into this directory!
4. After successfully transfering the files to this other remote server. The files must be moved to a directory e.g. called: uploaded (therefore I need the SDK I found out).

So the problem is that I can't figure out how to upload only the files to the remote server. Each time the whole directory is transfered, but I only want these two files to be transferred.

Who can help me out with this, how to setup SmartFTP for this (simple) task.

Patrick van Vugt

Our support team will be able to assist you with this. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Thank you. I will contact sales team for further information.