Slower speeds when downloading a single large file in comparison to multiple files

We have high speed internet through cable (15Mb download, 2Mb upload package), where we have to download multiple satellite data files from different FTP servers multiple times a day. A single file is usually between 50-70MB.

So I have it set in the Queue to download 3 workers at a time, so when I download multiple files I get just about as fast as I can get for our internet service about 1.5 - 1.75MB/sec depending on the Server I am downloading from, but when it gets to only downloading the last single file, the download speeds always drop just about in half, I only get about 950-960K/sec speeds for that last file. I have played around with some of the preferences and changing number of workers and changing around the Performance settings and buffer download size and the download speeds still drop about in half when it gets down to downloading a single file. What can I do, if anything, in SmartFTP to get the max speeds when downloading a single file.

Of note, I get the same results when downloading from different FTP servers as well, where speeds drop in half when downloading a single file?



We have answered your question by email. Summary: Use multi part downloads.