Crash at start up when called by a windows service


I am mading a Windows Service (in C# 2.0) that must start SmartFTP application.

When programmability I run the command that starts any application (in this case is smart ftp) , SmartFTP crashs suddenly!

Image 1 -
Image 2 -

Latter I remember to create a .bat file with C:\Programas\SmartFTP" "Client\SmartFTP.exe inside, and instead of my application call SmartFTP directly, it call the .bat file and the .bat file would open SmartFTP. But I have the same crash!

If I click (with the mouse) in the .bat file, smart ftp opens successful, but if I call the .bat file from a program the SmartFTP starts gives a error report and crashes.

The generated logs of the error are here

I would apreciate some help please of a way to open programmability the SmartFTP application

Best regards and thanks,

Ricardo Santos

SmartFTP 4.0.1225.0 (updated)
Licence Key - 400138534

+- System -----------------------------
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)

CPU Speed : 2600 MHz
Total Memory : 2047 MB
Free Memory : 1624 MB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------
Version : 4.0.1225.0
Time Stamp : 2011-11-13 15:39:46
Platform : x86
Id : 400138534
Maintenance : 2014-06-03
Days in use : 3

+- Language ---------------------------

+- Internet Explorer ------------------
Version : 7.0.5730.13