Expanding folders in transfer queue


Lets say directory configuration on FTP server is like this:

---- SUB-DIR A
---- SUB-DIR B

I add DIR 1 to transfer queue... But I would like to exclude SUB-DIR B from the transfer - how do I expand DIR 1 in queue view so I could see it's content and delete/exclude SUB-DIR B from the queue? I thought that SmartFTP automatically expands directories added to queue (I've been using free beta versions some time ago) but it seems that it doesn't?
Pls help, thanks

The folder is enumerated as soon as it is processed. If you want to filter a folder, you can use the transfer filters. Our technical support is available for licensed customers: https://www.smartftp.com/buy/

The folder is enumerated as soon as it is processed.

Ok, but what do you exactly mean by that? It's processed when transfer starts?
There is no way to make it enumerate it automatically when items are added to queue (I think it behaved like that in free beta versions) or manually, on demand?
I know about filters and it's not what I'm looking for.

It is automatically enumerated but it is not displayed as a tree structure in the transfer queue. The queue is flat.