FTP Location Size


Using your tool (props as I have quickly learned to prefer the use of this tool over FileZilla, which I am sure that is blasphemy speaking the word in these forums, however needed to be said).

I was wondering if there was an inherit way within the tool in itself to determine a current logged in FTP's limit size, I.E. I log into my FTP want to drop some files, however, I do not know the limits to which I will be constrained for the entire FTP itself (1 GB - 10 GB, etc.), not just a specific folder.

Any insiders on determining this within the tool itself as opposed, pre-reaching out to IT, would be awesome.

As a picture is worth a thousand words:


Many thanks in advance!


It works but only if your FTP / SFTP server supports this feature. Your FTP server doesn't seem to support it.