Copying file to new location once downloaded

Hello, I am wanting to copy the files down loaded to a new local location and have found the following post which I had hoped would solve my problem.

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 11:14 PM

1. Install the SDK http://www.smartftp....SmartFTPSDK.exe
2. I assume you have already setup a recurrent download of a folder.
3. Right-click on the transfer queue item, go to the Script dialog. Select the "ApplyToFiles.js" script from the SDK\Samples\TransferQueueItem\JScript\ folder. In the arguments input box enter: "<path> to MoveLocalDestinationFileToFolder.js" and as the 2nd argument enter the final destination folder.
E.g. "C:\...\etc\SDK\Samples\TransferQueueItem\JScript\MoveLocalDestinationFileToFolder.js" "C:\temp"

Now since you want to copy the files instead of moving them to the destination folder, open SDK\Samples\TransferQueueItem\JScript\MoveLocalDestinationFileToFolder.js and change the MoveFile(...) function to a CopyFile(...) function. See the notes in the script.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have followed these directions and the files get added to the transfer que but the tasks do not execute. The scheduled task seem to hang with the status "waiting for children" I am trying to set up a transfer of txt log files, these are small but numerous. The folder I am working with currently has 47000. Could it possibly be the volume of files that is causing the issue?

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Please add your license key id for technical support. Thank you.